Window Films can be used to reduce heat and glare, give privacy, add security, increase safety, give bomb blast protection and reduce the effects of fading by filtering UV rays. Whatever your glass related issue, South Wales Tinting are able to offer you a suitable window film solution. Our window films range from our most popular High Reflective Silver and Plain Frosted and Opaque Window Films through to our clearer solar and UV films from our Climate range of products.

Residential Window Film

Window film can help lower home cooling costs, reduce energy consumption, improve comfort, and protect your interior furnishings from fading – all without obstructing your view. South Wales Tint professionally install window film at a fraction of the cost of window replacement!


Commercial Window Film

Window film can enhance the performance of any glazing system, save energy, improve comfort, add safety and update aesthetics. Significant savings and rapid payback in as little as 3 years make this a smart investment for any building owner.

‘Regulation 7 of The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) 1992, states that during working hours, the temperature in all workplaces shall be reasonable. If it is not, then window film can offer a cost effective solution.’