Still deciding to get a tint done to your vehicle please read some benefits of getting your Tinting done by South Wales Tinting.

Car window tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look of your vehicle. It adds style and elegance to the appearance and also has other benefits.oboi mcalaren tint

Increased Privacy

A vehicle or a home can be made more private if the windows are tinted, which is probably one of the most popular reasons why home and vehicle owners choose to have tint installed. This can be especially beneficial to car owners who leave their car unattended with the valuables such as briefcases on the backseat or the floors. Window tinting provides you with improved privacy depending on your selected shade of tint. However please bear in mind the current UK law which states:

“The front passenger and driver side window can only be tinted no less than 70%. Rear windows can be treated in any shade of tint. Windscreens must be clear from tinting apart from a 6″ strip across the top.”


When the windows of a vehicle are tinted, injuries to the driver, passengers and pedestrians can be avoided. This is because the tinting film holds glass together when it is broken or shattered, stopping the shards of glass from flying out in all directions. Among the products we install are Llumar security films, which will hold up against accidental breakage and vandalism. Furthermore, because thieves tend to break in to vehicles through the side windows, darker tints can provide added security by obscuring a thief’s view.

Skin Protection

Whether on vehicles or buildings, window tinting protects the skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays. It doesn’t matter if you are driving to and from work, taking the children to school or sitting in your office by the window all day; too much exposure to the sun is not good for your skin.. Having the windows tinted can help to eliminate these potential problems, protecting the skin by effectively blocking up to 99% o harmful UV rays.

Accident Prevention

Vehicle accidents realistically can be prevented when the windows of the vehicle are tinted. As all drivers know, driving with the glare of the sun in your eyes, or being blinded by the reflection of snow or rain water from the roads when it reflects against the metal or windshields of other vehicles, as well as the glare from oncoming headlights can all be the cause of accidents. At the very least, the same conditions can give the driver eye-strain or tension headaches, all of which can make driving conditions uncomfortable, and which in itself can cause problems when driving.

Preventing Overheating

Some models and types of sports cars and cars have a tendency for the interior to heat up easier than others, making the vehicle the last place you want to be, especially on long trips. With a good quality window tint applied it is possible for the vehicle to be kept cooler by approximately 60% in the summer, making those long trips a lot more comfortable, or a day shopping where the your vehicle is sat there baking in the sun.

Interior Protection

The soft furnishings inside a home or the delicate interior of a classic car can be protected by having the windows tinted. Depending on your selection of tint, up to 65% of the Sun’s total energy can be reflected away from your vehicle. If your vehicle is fitted with air-conditioning this should provide savings on your fuel and running costs. Not only that but tinting can reduce interior fading and help maintain the value of your vehicle

Saving our Planet

When we tint our windows we are taking an active part in saving our planet. This is because the tinting film helps to reduce the heat inside the home or car, which has a knock on effect of us not needing to put on our air-conditioning units. In the home this means a reduction in the amount of electricity we used. If your vehicle is fitted with air-conditioning this should provide savings on your fuel and running costs. The same can be said when the weather is colder, as the window tinting can keep the cold out and the heat in, reducing the need to put on the heater. All of this helps to protect our environment and save money in the process.

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